Wed., Dec 19th:

Our annual membership meeting is at 5PM at The Museum.  We will be presenting the new directors and officers and giving our report on the year's activities. 

Sat., Dec 29th:

We join with the National Park Service in celebrating President Andrew Johnson's birthday.  The formal wreath-laying at the cemetery at noon will be followed by a birthday party for all ages here at The Museum.  This is a free event.

New Exhibit Through December:

The Little Theatre Scrapbook, 1963-2008 traces the formation of this area theatre group from its beginnings on the day President Kennedy was killed until its demise in 2008.  There's a mix of costumes, photos, programs, artwork, and video.  Here' s the link to an 11-minute video highlights.


 Visit Our 12 Galleries & Numerous Walk-through Exhibits

When you visit, you'll find three floors of history waiting to greet you, plus a beautifully restored 1917 American La France fire engine that welcomes you as you approach the main entrance.   Look across Main street and you'll see the open spaces of Gertrude Fox Park, the new home for the Babb Homestead.  The Seth Babb log home dates to 1787, and is one of the earliest structures in Greene County.  It is available for tours by appointment.

Main (Second) Floor:

You'll find the Greene County Quilt Gallery showcasing a beautiful collection of historic quilts, some dating back to before the Civil War.  This floor is home to the President Andrew Johnson Gallery, showcasing the family life of America's 17th President.  The Earl Fletcher, Jr. Veteran's Gallery, named in honor of our late executive director, is newly renovated with the help of Humanities Tennessee.  The Civil War Gallery contains artifacts of the great war and tells the story of the divided loyalties that split families. The story of the death of Col. John Hunt Morgan is told here. The Fine Living Gallery shows beautiful furnishings and displays a more comfortable way of life.  Our newest gallery on the main floor is  Tennessee Country: Paleo To Pioneer.  From giant beasts that first inhabited this land to an early Cherokee home and pioneer textiles and implements, you'll enjoy this walk through time.  Please take time to browse the walk-through displays on the second floor main hallway.


Third Floor:

The third floor hall way contains our Paths To Freedom display, chronicling the plights of slaves and their road to emancipation and beyond.  Then tour the African-American Experience Gallery too see how African-American education and skills have enriched the entire community, from George Clem School to the story of the Manuel family brick masons.  What did Main Street Greeneville look like circa 1900?  You'll see it on this floor in a marvelous storefront recreation.  The Depression Gallery portrays a simple and warm life style, when "making do" was "doin' just fine."  For youngsters of all ages, The Greene Experience takes history to the kids.  They are always impressed by Klondike Mike, our larger than life grizzly bear!  The Magnavox Gallery shows the innovative products produced right here in Greeneville.  You'll marvel at the technology and the cabinetry alike.  You'll also find the Community Living in the 20th Century Gallery, and you'll see how far medical technology has advanced.

First Floor:

The first floor hallway features early agriculture and transportation exhibit ready for your walk-through.  Farm tools, the famous Lamons wagons built in Greeneville, and an assortment of vehicles from the police force and from private use.

It's all waiting for you at The Museum!